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Having a car when you are visiting a city gives you the freedom to move around and visit the places you want without having to depend on others. That is why renting a car in Spain is an essential service for any trip (be it for pleasure or business, or any other reason) as it is surefire for success.   The process for enjoying the car rental service in Spain is so easy and convenient. With ClickRent, you can pick up and deliver your cars at the offices themselves, which are located next to Valencia, Alicante, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza airports . You can book online from our website and benefit from our discounts and advantages. Do you need a family car? A van to move things? An economy car? A sports car? You’ll find them in our fleet! Without a doubt, we are a leading company in the car rental sector in Spain.

  Sometimes, you come across unforeseen events that ruin your plans when on a trip, such as transportation and travel complications. So a good car rental service in Spain like the one offered by ClickRent is always one step ahead, looking out for your needs. That’s why we offer accessories for each of our rental cars such as child seats, snow chains, GPS equipment, etc. And if you’re so wrapped up in your trip that you forget something personal in your car, don't worry, all you will need to do is call us to get it back. If you're dreaming about a successful and enjoyable trip to the Mediterranean, our car hire service in Spain is your best bet! Take a look at our fleet and see for yourself.

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