General rate in force 2023


  • Wheels and Glass Coverage: Removes these elements from the CDW insurance's list of exclusions. €6 per day (minimum amount €12). 
  • Reduction of Excess. :Removes the excess damage coverage and reduces the mandatory pre-authorisation to €350. Except for commercial vehicles, which is reduced to €500, and special groups. Includes protection against theft of the vehicle (not of objects), provided that a report of the theft and the original keys are presented.

ClickRent offices

  • €16 per day for Group 1 categories. Min. €32
  • €18 per day for Group 2 categories. Min. €36
  • €21 per day for Group 3 categories Min. €52
  • €21 per day for the Commercial Group. Min. €42
  • €26 per day for Special Group categories. Min. €52
  • Full Roadside Assistance: This coverage includes 24-hour Telephone Service. Call +34 971 73 06 96. Guarantees roadside assistance within six hours for any reason (flat tyre, dead battery not attributable to negligence, accident, etc.). Roadside assistance is expressly excluded for negligence or unauthorised use of the vehicle. One-off cost of €29.90 per contract for the Balearic Islands and €39.90 for Mainland Spain offices.
  • Click Relax package: Includes the three previous coverages at the price of "Wheels and Glass" + "Reduction of Excess". Obligatory pre-authorisation of €200 will be required. In the case of motorbikes, a pre-authorisation of €50 will be requested
  • Interisland Coverage Contracting this coverage allows the Renter to travel with the Vehicle between the various Balearic Islands where we have an office, always returning the vehicle to the same office where it was picked up. It does not exempt the Renter from payment for damage caused to the Vehicle and is independent of any of the other coverages. Single payment of €110 per contract
Some offices establish an excess on loss and/or damage and a pre-authorisation of €1,700 for special categories and of €500 for Commercial Group vehicles (X, Y, Z), irrespective of the cover taken out.


  • Child seat, Group 0+ (0-13 kg; 12-15 months), subject to availability. €7.95 per day. 
  • Child seat, Group 1 (9-18 kg; 9 months-4 years), subject to availability. €7.95 per day.
  • Child seat, Group 1 with ISOFIX system (9-18 kg; 1-4 years), subject to availability. €9.95 per day.
  • Child seat, Group 2 (15-25 kg; 4-6 years), subject to availability. €7.95 per day. 
  • Child seat, Group 3 (22-36 kg; 6-12 years), subject to availability. €5.95 per day. 
  • Additional motorcycle crash helmet €1 per day.
  • Additional driver, 3 additional drivers per contract in addition to the main driver. €8.95 per day. 
  • New driver (under the age of 25 and/or less than 4 years with a driving licence). €7.95 per day. 
  • Senior driver (aged 75 and over). €7.95 per day. 
  • Car park ticket for airport pick-up: up to €15 (in addition to the price of the airport pick-up/return service).  
  • Pick-up and return at the airport, available on request only, for bookings fully paid in advance. €45 per service.
  • Transfers (pick-up/return at a requested address): check availability. €30/€45/€75 per journey, depending on distance.
  • Express Service: €40.
  • One-way service for returns to a different office than pick-up: check availability.

This service is available only between the various Majorca offices and in the various offices in Mainland Spain.

One Way

One way MainlandDestination
Alicante AirportValencia AirportMalaga AirportMadrid AirportAsturias AirportBarcelona AirportBarcelona SantsMadrid ChamartínValencia Joaquín Sorolla
OriginAlicante Airport65 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €
Valencia Airport65 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €15 €
Malaga Airport115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €
Madrid Airport115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €15 €115 €
Asturias Airport115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €
Barcelona Airport115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €15 €115 €115 €
Barcelona Sants115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €15 €115 €115 €
Madrid Chamartín115 €115 €115 €15 €115 €115 €115 €115 €
Valencia Joaquín Sorolla115 €15 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €115 €
One way Mallorca Destination
Mallorca AirportMallorca BeachMagaluf Cala D'Or Cala Mandia Cala Ratjada Cala Millor
OriginMallorca Airport45 €75 €
Mallorca Beach45 €75 €
Magaluf Cala D'Or Cala Mandia Cala Ratjada Cala Millor75 €75 €
One way Balearic Islands-MainlandDestination
Any office on the mainland
OriginMallorca Airport5€ (No incluye transporte del vehículo)
Ibiza Airport5€ (No incluye transporte del vehículo)

Hourly surcharges:  there is no extra charge for pick-ups and returns between 8am and 8pm throughout the year. Outside these times, the surcharges shown below apply.

Night-time delivery of the vehicle

  • 8pm to 7:59am: €55

Returning the vehicle at night

  • 8pm to 7:59am: €55


Check fuel prices

  • Management and refuelling fee of €31 not included.


Check walk-in prices

  • Check walk-in prices
  • Check the price for commercial vehicles (X, Y, Z).


  • Mileage policy
    • 1. Balearic Islands: Unlimited.
    • 2. Mainland Spain (Valencia, Alicante, Asturias, Barcelona, Santiago, Malaga and Madrid): rental includes 250 km per day at no extra cost, with a maximum of 1,750 km/day per contract. Buying the extended mileage contract increases the daily limit to 500 km per day, with a maximum of 3,500 km per contract.  * Kilometres travelled over the maximum permitted or contracted will be charged at €0.50 per excess kilometre.
  • Charge for handling fines. Not including payment of the fine. €50 per fine.
  • Additional cleaning: If the vehicle is in poor condition and requires extra vacuum cleaning or washing, there is sand in the vehicle, etc.: €50.
  • Special cleaning: If special cleaning is required due to stains that cannot be removed by normal cleaning and/or that might jeopardise the immediate use of the vehicle by the next user (tobacco smell, ashes, pet hair, stains on the upholstery, etc.): €150
  • Loss of documentation: €20.
  • Lost or broken safety equipment, e.g. safety vests, triangles: €90.
  • Lost or broken child seat: Group 0+ (€180), Group 1 (€100), Group 2 (€100), Group 3 (€50).
  • Special cleaning of child seats: €50
  • In the case of a delay in returning a vehicle, or abandoning the vehicle, an amount will be charged corresponding to the longer rental period, according to the specific rate published on the up-to-date website, plus a surcharge of €40 per day until the company recovers the vehicle, plus the amount corresponding to any loss or damage caused and the cost of recovery.
  • Returning the vehicle to the wrong place (€120) or abandoning the vehicle (€180). This does not include any costs that may be incurred during the recovery process.
  • Inappropriate or unauthorised use, e.g. careless driving, drivers not authorised by the contract, taking the vehicle on maritime transport or out of the country: €300
  • Damage assessment rate: €60.
  • Roadside assistance not covered. See table.
  • Damage not covered by the insurance cover included or taken out. See below.
  • Any variation of the prices expressed in these T&Cs will be reflected in the updated table on this same page


  • The amounts shown include VAT (21%), costs for labour and lock-up days in a garage.
  • The prices stated for these parts correspond to A1 level damage. In the event of any B-level damage, a +95% surcharge will apply to these prices. For G-level damage, a 205% surcharge will apply.


These classifications are for information purposes only. ClickRent reserves the right to make any changes and to deliver a vehicle from a different group depending on availability.


Clickrent is a rent a car  rental company with the largest fleet in the Balearic Islands, and is rapidly expanding throughout Spain. It merges the traditional values of a family business with the modern management of an international company.